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  1. lesbiaaans:

    Anon asked for some advice about eyes, and I… may have gone a bit overboard, ahahaha. I hope it turned out at least a little worthwhile!

    le eyes

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  3. deliciousboards:

    Okay we’ll start with this and then just slowly go from here because I have A LOT TO SAY ABOUT JEANS/PANTS like literally I could do thirty of these talking about how pants are constructed and how you install the fly itself and how that effects the pants BUT I WON’T because that would take forever to draw instead I will leave you with this awesome link with step by step blog posts about how to sew a pair of jeans especially this post and this one with step by step pictures on how to install a fly which everyone should read 

    so please stop fucking drawing those stupid lines h o l y crap 

    Pants refs

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  4. bloominrose:

    [12:45:26 AM] Morbi: The green is how breasts usually connect to the chest, the blue is how they would in your drawing

    and then I was woken up by the buzzing of my phone to get boobie-lessons from Morbi. Good.

    Augh, my picture looks so gross now. I feel so yucky, I’m going to go back to bed and pretend I didn’t draw it that way.

    Boob Refs ftw


  5. rhyhorn:

    Hi! I came across this really really useful posts on DeviantArt. I thought I could post it here. It was taken from THIS posts (I pretty much copied and pasted everything, so PLEASE go there if you want to see the original posts. I don’t own it, it’s not mine). It’s a really useful posts when it comes to know more about the amazing tool Paint Tool SAI and the things you can do with it.

    FREE VERSION Paint Tool Sai Download
    Paint Tool SAI Official Site 
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    Individual Tutorials

    SAI Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 by Spoonzmeister
    Paint Tool SAI tutorial by dragonchickaya
    Paint Tool SAI Tutorial 2 by dragonchickaya
    PAINT TOOL SAI TUTORIAL 1 by xxlilevilangelxx
    Tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by Salacia-Mao
    Sai Tutorial by Val4s
    Paint Tool SAI - Tutorial by Lelia
    Paint Tool SAI Tutorial by kioisrad
    -How to start a new drawing in SAI, plus a short rundown of the different brushes.
    Paint Tool SAI Tutorial 2 by kioisrad
    tutorial paint tool sai by Hamabi
    SAI Paint Tool - Tutorial by LaFatalite

    Line Art tutorial in SAI by himiko
    SAI Tutorial: Vector Line Art by SakuraChan776
    Sai Tutorial: Masking by SakuraChan776
    Paint Tool SAI: Line Tutorial by Infitima
    Coloring Tutorial by sakimichan
    Lineart and SAI tutorial by suzuran
    Basic Coloring Tutorial SAI by e-nat
    tutorial, part 1 - hair and tutorial, part 2 - skin by tanukitchokes
    Paint Tool SAI quick tutorial: How to Shade by KoiFishSushi
    Wave’s Coloring Tutorial by suzuran
    SAI Paint Tool Tutorial:: 1 Line Art by ClassyPirate
    SAI Paint tool tutorial:: 2 by ClassyPirate
    SAI Paint Tool - Tutorial 2 by LaFatalite
    SAI Simple Color Tutorial by masquevale
    Eye Colouring Tutorial? by Fushi-Chou
    Semirealistic Eye Tutorial by yuumei
    Hair Tutorial SAI by Niaro
    Hair tutorial- Paint Tool SAI by merki-the-vampire

    Multi-Subject Collections:

    Paint Tool SAI Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 by Rueme
    Lineart Tutoral for SAI by Rueme
    Lineless CG Tutorial: HAIR by Rueme
    Kimi’s Paint Tool SAI Tutorial Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9, by kimicatdemon

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  6. hermagnumopus:

    1920’s Gentlemens Fashions

    Dem clothing refs

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  7. eyecager:

    Drawing like a Painter

    Made me think about how I approach my line art more. I want to try heavy shadows sometime! Looks so fun!!

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  8. People were requesting rebloggable Flash Inking tips


    Can I ask you a question about Flash? I was looking through your flash puppets, and I was wondering how you got the lines to look so NICE. Like…just looking at the linework on the hands of the bob puppet. Is there a pen setting you use? Because I can’t seem to get things to look so good.

    start with a round brush, size 3 or 4 (or 5, Windows and Mac have different brush sizes) with pressure turned on.

    40 smoothing

    Jut as a barometer of how smoothing works;

    The more smoothing you use, the more flash sort of corrects your hand wobble and tries to fix things out for you. But at really high smoothing it kind of over corrects things and starts to just invent things you didn’t want to draw. really low smoothing adds every little bump you make, but it makes INSANE huge files, because it’s got so much information to remember for every line you draw. It looks cool if you can make it work, though, we used it for that Assassin’s creed trailer because it has almost like a pen-on-paper look when it moves.

    Remember that no matter how much you zoom, the pen will always be the same size. This what a size three brush (Mac version) looks like if you draw at various zoom levels, and then go back to look at it at 100%

    Because of this it’s important not to zoom in and out a lot, it’s best to pick one size and stay around that like, ink at 400, don’t zoom out more than 200 or in more than 600. When we did Ugly Americans, every scene was labeled with the zoom level everything had to be inked at, and if anything was resized it had to be retraced. It’s tempting to zoom closer and closer to get little, hard to reach details, but like they said “you can’t zoom on paper, don’t do it in Flash”.

    Then there’s this Modify > Shape > Smooth option

    Basically just lets you smooth lines after the fact. A lot of people kind of give up on it because they don’t know how to use it right. Like they think it’s a magic FIX LINE ART button, then get disappointed that it doesn’t work when they select all the line art at once and say “okay smooth button GO!”.

    It works best if you get in close and just select small fragments to smooth.

    And you can kind of just polish off any little quirky bits that bug you.

    (it can be kind of hard to tell at a glance, but it adds some polish)

    I’ll also add to go slow! If you draw too fast, Flash panics and starts ad-libbing your pen strokes and making weirdly geometric lines, Just take it slow if it starts freaking out on curves and stuff.

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    Ray Frenden reviews the too-cheap-to-be-true Monoprice graphics tablets. How do they stack up to industry standard Wacoms?

    After spending a week with the 6.25“x10” Monoprice, my Yiynova and Cintiq remain unplugged and I gave my Intuos away to a friend. The Monoprice tracks subtle pressure variances and small movements with less lag and more crisp fidelity than any of the others. It is, put crudely, fucking awesome, in both OSX Lion and Windows 7 x64.

    I have one of these, 10x6.5 I bought about two months ago for 48 bucks. It’s a billion times better than my old Wacom Bamboo and works like a fuckin dream.


    ooo reblogging this for potential future purchase


    look a thing i want

    Hmm, might have to check this out! Could definitely use a new tablet for the Unicorn City computer :)


    If my Wacom dies I’ll check this out :)

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    Expression Reference Dump- Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Part 9

    Part 10

    Part 11

    Part 12

    Part 13



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