Bl*nd to the truth

  1. sunnyapple:

    bored doodles


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  2. pig-fish:

    Sorry, but putting Pinkamena in fancy outfits is too much fun.


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  3. sunnyapple:

    I got bored and wanted to try something semi-nice for once

    Dat Pinkamena

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  5. purplekecleon:

    Previous winners (sorry for taking so long!) of the big pony button giveaways to select 10 from the whole set are:

    • Now, to this giveaway!  There will be two winners, each to receive two keychains of their choice.  Unless we go over 1500 notes, then at that point another winner’s added. Every 500 past that is another.
    • Or if you want to buy them, they’re here (along with the buttons!) — I apologize that I don’t have the rest of the buttons/prints up yet, in case you wanted to order more than ponies, but we’re working on that.  If you have no interest in ponies, the regular shop has everything else.
    • They’re each 1.75” x 2.75” hard clear double-sided acrylic keychains.

  6. foxintwilight:

    Let’s go!

    Time of colouring: one Path of Totality :3 Just a speed art I liked enough to share

    I don’t need to explain anything.

    Everyone already knows that I’m nuts for psycho Pinkamena

    Also…. damn, fox… u so gooooooood


  7. foxintwilight:

    Lux perpetua

    that feel when pinkamena


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