Bl*nd to the truth

  1. *cough ROSE cough*

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  2. RandomSketch1026-272012 by *darth-franny

    Here’s the dump of those random sketches… might take some *cough kneady x succy cough* and turn them to full pics.



  4. bloominrose:


    …. TFW I’m a girl

    No, you’re just asian


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  5. …. TFW I’m a girl

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  6. Christmas Spirit by *darth-franny

    Why yes, I do get into the Spirit extremely early.

    I just really love the Holiday


  7. Mabel pls



  9. I’ve been waiting for this gif

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  10. fuckyeahgravityfalls:

    Wendy’s last name is Corduroy and Mabel and Dipper’s eyes are brown.


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