Bl*nd to the truth

  1. nakioutsuno:

    Preview of a thing I’m working on, but you guys won’t be seeing this for a while!


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  2. itsatess:

    Horse Falls.

    Damn that Applebloom is adorable

    *scroll down*

    … Mabel Pone


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  3. That feel when little applehorse no butt tattoo

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  4. fisherpon:

    Snow Apples

    Have to update more…

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  5. 6 Sketches for Pony Day!




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  7. Wow, I mean WOW! This is very well done! Not gonna spoil anything but one part was rather difficult.


  8. This was a Doozie (pinkie and twi pun intended). Probably the most complex thing I ever made.
    I experimented with a lot of things here, most evidently the shading.

    I nearly lost my mind in making this but I am HAPPY of what came of it.

    I’m not completely sure that I can handle making something this complex again, but I will try.

    I keep promising a TS sketch, and keep missing out, sorry. The next one might be TS, who knows.