Bl*nd to the truth

  1. I totally blame Rose for this


  2. I got really restless in review class today, so sketches


  3. Stream funtime!

    1. Filly Pinkie while waiting for requests
    2. Reuniclus squishy pokeman
    3. Nimbostratus (OC)
    4. Princess Sovvy and her husbando King Pecker(OC)

  4. random human OC thing


  5. zajice:

    Some fan art of my favoritist tsundere pony and her butt that I will touch one day.

    … that…. sure is something alright


  6. RandomSketch1026-272012 by *darth-franny

    Here’s the dump of those random sketches… might take some *cough kneady x succy cough* and turn them to full pics.


  7. *leans on*

    Succy’s the best


  8. Race by *darth-franny

    Commission 3 is done!