Bl*nd to the truth

  1. stream thing

    Le Daring Do face


  2. I got really restless in review class today, so sketches


  3. idk



  4. FUNfuNFunFun by *darth-franny

    Mandatory Pinkie Ep Fanart

    (Note: Needs more pink horse)


  5. Chryssy by *darth-franny

    Chryssy pls


  6. King Sombrero


  7. Pankaa & Vanellope by *darth-franny

    Part of a new sketch dump but thought they deserved their own post


  8. So very very sleepy but it had to be done


  9. Stream fun <3

    Vanellope von Taiga and seapony twi


  10. Stream funtime!

    1. Filly Pinkie while waiting for requests
    2. Reuniclus squishy pokeman
    3. Nimbostratus (OC)
    4. Princess Sovvy and her husbando King Pecker(OC)