Bl*nd to the truth

  1. guys guys don’t send the asks yet haha, the tumblr’s not up yet!


  2. atryl:

    ‘Freedom’ - Happy birthday! - for kevinsano


  3. Exodus

    OK! Here’s the plan, which I’ll execute tonight (my time) here.

    I’ll set up the new tumblr with a new pseudonym (not really new, One I already have and some of you already know me as). Then I’ll make a post here when that tumblr is already in working order, BUT I won’t link it.

    So how will you find it? You can send me messages on this tumblr asking for the url if you still want it. I’ll also be dropping an email, if you wanna go through that. And you can send me a note on dA instead if you like. And if you DON’T want to go through all that trouble (and let’s be honest, who would?) I’ll be asking my friends to spread the word of the new tumblr. Also note that I’ll be more open there so… yeah.

    I’ll be changing my dA name to it too, so you won’t have much trouble if you watch my dA.


  4. inkydonkey:

    Time for an icon change, I suppose.



  5. I… want to leave darthfranny behind… not because of any drama thing, no… Just so the people I know from around here don’t find my work (no offense, guys. If you’re reading this. I just want to keep my 2 worlds separate )>_>.

    This was originally my personal tumblr… and I never expected my art to be even noticed so I allowed the link between the 2 worlds to stay… but now I want to separate them… I don’t know how to do this without announcing the name of the new blog here tho.


    It also involves changing my pseudonym… which would cause all sorts of confusion on the boorus.



  7. fazspazz22:

    Human Apple Jack. Far as I can tell I need to study drawing people well. I’ll be opening up a NSFW blog where I can post NSFW stuff.

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  8. atryl:

    Derpy and the Mirror Pool - for the 30min Challenge.


  9. Trigger Warning: Gangnam Style Cover


  10. nakioutsuno:


    Merry (early) Christmas~!

    So in my head!canon, Princess Bubblegum makes a bunch of sweaters for her friends. Even though I doubt she’d ever admit it, I bet Marcie asked for that sweater…..

    Marceline made her bat-form for PB. ….She got frustrated and ripped it a few times, hence the patches, but I don’t think PB cares.

    oh gosh I want one so badly what a cutie..

    c’: I hope you guys all have an awesome holiday season and I hope my small, early gift brings you some cheer!

    Whelp it’s the holidays so that means this is going around again.

    Already planning next years!

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