Bl*nd to the truth

  1. Exodus: Execution

    This will be the last post on this tumblr… probably

    It’s been a good run. If you want to know the new one, send me an ask here or on dA

    See you guys there!


  2. heireau replied to your post: Exodus

    Out of curiosity, why can’t you write the url here?

    I’d rather not :P



  4. Babs Seed Remix by Daniel Ingram


    I may be going insane but the vocals sound different. Not change in voice but the places emphasized sound different and MUCH clearer… he may have had them re-record this… EITHER WAY I WANT A DOWNLOAD


  5. zggamboni replied to your post: zggam replied to your post: > Making new tumblr >…

    Never mind then. I don’t know what’s up.

    thanks for trying anyway <3


  6. zggam replied to your post: > Making new tumblr > Try to make redirect pages…

    By any chance is this your primary blog and the other a secondary? If so, that could have something to do with these issues.

    it’s a new one linked to a different email so it’s technically a primary blog it’s completely unrelated to this one


  7. atryl:

    Don’t be an ass, Francis.


  8. > Making new tumblr

    > Try to make redirect pages to show old tumblr, commission info and other shit

    > tumblr won’t let me and makes “standard pages” instead

    > try on old (this) tumblr

    > it works




    This is so irritating and I am SO mad






  9. raikohponies:

    It was too late for me to submit this to the challenge, oh well. Twas fun to draw this one.

    (Source: kemono-corner)


  10. jose-md said: I'm guessing it'll be spread on Skype amongst certain individuals and groups, right?

    actually, ALL of skype… none of the people I’m avoiding have me on skype :P